This is the city I loved so much that I decided to make it my home. It is, like most things, not for everyone; for me it is my favorite city on earth to live in. Here are my top recommendations.


Eat Your Drink

Eat Your Drink

Few bartenders have reshaped our view of what a cocktail can be like Matt. He has taken the cocktail and added the culinary eye like no one in the world. Utilizing ingredients that would stump most chefs he has created cocktails with more culinary daring then anyone in the cocktail world including the folks at the Aviary. His ability to meld wild flavors cohesively in a glass is nothing short of mind blowing. While it is now en-vouge to do "omakase" style cocktails he has been doing it for longer then anyone else save Columbia Room. His range goes beyond cocktails into things like sage beer and forever changed what a cocktail can be. Prepare to have a seat and drink copiously. He now does a full meal served with cocktails in his home.

Location: Los Angeles, CA




Superb. The menu was put together by the supremely talent Kristina Cox. The cocktails here are amazing. Of particular note are the cocktails on the non-alcoholic list. They are excellent and some of my favorite cocktails served here. They can even make the alcoholic if you ask nicely. The restaurant is vegetarian so the cocktails are likewise constructed so alternatives to egg white, milk and cream. I certainly want to come back for a drink.

Location: 7302 Melrose Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90036



With the best agave spirits lists in LA right now they also serve some very good cocktails. It gets extremely busy so if you want a seat at that bar come early.

Location: 1712 N Vermont Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90027



1886 at the Raymond

1886 at the Raymond

When you have made your way to the bar you cannot help but look around once again at the space you are in. How detailed and yet simple the decor is and how good it feel to be there. As you gaze the barkeep asks you if he can get you something and you are snapped out of your revelry and realize yes you do want a cocktail. As you pick the menu you see are enticed by all the options. You begin to notice some are clearly more classic based then others and how interesting they sound as you try to picture the flavors in your mind. The cocktail list as a nice balance of shaken and aromatic cocktails; a fizz, a sour, a tiki, Old Fashioned variation, a Manhattan variation, etc.

Location: 1250 South Fair Oaks Ave., Pasadena, CA


Melrose Umbrella Co.

Melrose Umbrella Co.

A fantastic cocktail list in a relaxed and comfortable space. Easy going and warm staff are there to help you have a great time.

Location: 7465 Melrose Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90036


Updated: 2023.06.04