Another underrated city to drink in. By far Ryan Casey is the reason to come here to drink.


Dewberry Charleston

Ryan is the star of the show here and is the finest bartender in Charleston from what I have found. He likes to focus on the classics, but his modern stuff is incredible. The best stuff I found was off list: Birch Smoked Old Fashioned, Salted Scotch Cocktail, white wine sage rhubarb thing, tequila savory cocktail. Go and have many many drinks from him as I have had.

Location: 334 Meeting St, Charleston, SC 29403




Simple, very well done cocktails. Mainly slight twists to classics, all delicious and balanced.

Location: 232 Meeting Street Charleston, SC



Some interesting and very tasty cocktails are served here along with a wonderful bourbon selection. They also serve some great ciders and Madeiras.

Location: 76 Queen St., Charleston, SC



Gin Joint

Oddly enough (or maybe not) only a few of the cocktails on the list are gin based. The list is quite good and offers quite a variety of flavor profiles.

Location: 182 E Bay St., Charleston, SC


Belmont Lounge

When you walk into this mainly classic cocktail bar you immediately want to settle down and order a drink. Happily the drinks are well balanced and that desire is well sated. There are a few modern options available which was nice.

Location: 511 King St, Charleston, SC


Updated: 2020.30.04