A very underrated city in to have a drink.


No. 9 Park

No. 9 Park

Because this excellent restaurant does not post their cocktail list, nor does not offer you their full cocktail list at dinner unless you specifically requested, visitors may miss out on the finest cocktails in Boston. Ted put together the program here and it is a mighty fine program at that. While Ted is no longer here the program he put in place is still doing great work. They have a list of about 40 cocktails. I went through about 30 cocktails from their list and a few more off the list and had an immensely wonderful time.


Location: 9 Park St, Boston, MA



The Chickadee

The Chickadee

Ted runs the program here. He used to run the program at No. 9 park. Some of the best cocktails of any restauarnt bar I have ever had. Really wonderful.


Location: 21 Drydock Ave., Boston, MA 02210




This is a classic cocktail bar. They have exactly 4 non-classic cocktails. (Well, at least only 4 that they would serve me.) Is there is little bit of pretension from the bartenders? Yes, but justifiably so as they maintain a level of quality most bars only dream of. The consistent level of quality put out across bartenders and throughout the night is really quite remarkable. Most of all though, they make a really good drink.


Location: 348 Congress St, Boston, MA


Updated: 2023.06.04