Kavalan – Sherry Cask Strength Single Malt Whisky


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California was allocated two casks of Kavalan Sherry in 2017. One was purchased by K&L Wine Merchants and sold out at record speed. The other was purchased and bottled exclusively for Kavalan’s distributor The Artisanal Group of Southern California, a division of Southern Glazer Wine & Spirits. They covet this special rare cask and only offer it in allocated quantities to their very best accounts, parcelling the cask out bottle by bottle when a deserving recipient emerges. It’s extreme rarity and scarcity that give this product some real cache, but, in the end, they eventually need to sell what they’ve got. That’s where we come in. No one in California has sold more Kavalan than K&L, so when I asked the distributor what they planned to do with the rest of this cask, they didn’t hesitate to offer the rest to us. There’s absolutely no reason this should still be available. It arrived in CA last November, the sister cask to our exceptional offering. It was not easy choosing between the two and, in fact, this particular cask is slightly more in line with the more classic Kavalan Solist Sherry than the ultra supple barrel we bought. That means you’re going to get all the same intensity and power as the cask we sold last November, but with more structure power and complexity. It should be banned at blind tastings as it’s a ringer every time. (Solist is the International name for their single cask bottlings, it doesn’t appear on the label in the U.S., but this product is the same).

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