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Top 10 Cocktails in LA

Here are the best cocktails in LA currently on cocktail lists. Sadly many of my favorite cocktails aren't on current cocktail lists, but here are my favorites based on what you can order as of Aug 1, 2016. I wish I could provide a similar list at other bars, but given the frquency of menu changes I can only do it for LA.

1. Old Fashion Drink

at Gwen

Type: Stirred

Wonderful old fashioned variation.

2. It Doesn't Matter

at Winsome

Type: Shaken

Most watermellon drinks turn out with a heavy muddled flavor. This one is light crisp and delightful.

3. Strawberry Daquari

at Terrine

Type: Shaken

Basically a lovely strawberry daiquiri.

4. Blood in Heaven

at 1886 at the Raymond

Type: Shaken

A smoky almost tiki cocktail.

5. Ginnie Colada

at Wolf

Type: Shaken

A lighter variation of a Pina Colada you wish you could drink at a beach.

6. East of Manhatten

at Copa d'Oro

Type: Stirred

Smoky, hebal, a bit of spice. A great sipper.

7. Garden Greens

at Norah

Type: Shaken

Savory fresh beginning and a slight vinegar finish.

8. To Pea or Not to Pea

at Belcampo (Santa Monica location)

Type: Shaken

Bright, savory and crisp.

9. Tiki-Novela

at Winsome

Type: Shaken

A surprisingly lighter tiki cocktail!

10. See Something Say Something

at Messhall

Type: Shaken

Singani 63, Pamplemousse, Geijer Glog, Lemon, Dandelion & Burdock Bitters

See Something Say Something