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Best Bars in Portland

1. Clyde Common

Type: Low Volume Restaurant Bar
Location: 1014 Southwest Stark Street, Portland, OR - map

This restaurant bar is home to famed Jeffrey Morgenthaler. The cocktails here are superb. This neighborhood place fits in perfectly for the city. Settle down at the bar and enjoy.

2. Multnomah Whiskey Library

Type: Low Volume Bar
Location: 1124 SW Alder St., Portland, OR 97205 - map

Yes the process of getting in can be cumbersome. Not helped but the poorly laid out and muddled information from their website. So here is:
1. Sitting room only. No standing.
2. It is popular and very busy so wait times can be long at peak hours.
3. You can make reservations only if you are a member or if you purchase a "Hall Pass."
- As of this membership is full.
- Hall Passes are $25 a person.
4. If you don't want to wait or pay for a pass go early or off hours.
5. They close earlier than most bars so plan ahead.

If you can live with this, you enter Portland's most beautiful interior space. A pair of stain glass panes of ceiling. Lush surfaces. Beautiful. While they do a few cocktails it is really about the spirits. Wonderful stuff to choose from. Some staff members are certainly more well versed than others. Why they list things you cannot order annoys me, but the drinking here is wonderful.

Multnomah Whiskey Library

3. Rum Club

Type: Medium Volume Bar
Location: 720 SE Sandy Blvd., Portland, OR 97214 - map

While not as fun of a space as Hale Pele the cocktails are better. In fact some of the best cocktails I had while I was in Portland. Though it is called Rum Club they do cocktails with all spirits. The cocktail list is just predominately rum. In addition to the list there is also a nice collection of various rums to try. Oh and apparently you can also do a "shot ski" here.

4. Teardrop Lounge

Type: Low Volume Bar
Location: 1015 Northwest Everett St., Portland, OR - map

This lounge has almost a club like feel only because it is Portland. The cocktails are pretty good.

5. Hale Pele

Type: Medium Volume Bar
Location: 2733 NE Broadway, Portland, OR 97232 - map

A really fun tiki lounge. The drinks are generally pretty strong so be careful. Friendly bartenders. Enjoy the Aloha in Portland.