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The Best Bars in the US:

I drink a fair bit. Here is a list of cities in the US I recommend drinking at in the order of my favoite city to drink in. I prefer modern as opposed to classic cocktails and cocktails over spirits so recommendations are biased heavily that way. Also I live in Los Angeles so there is certainly an unfairly larger number of bars listed there. These are all bars I have been in the last 3 years so it should be relatively current.

New York1. New York Los Angeles2. Los Angeles
San Francisco3. San Francisco Chicago4. Chicago
Boston5. Boston Charleston6. Charleston
Seattle7. Seattle Washington, DC8. Washington, DC
San Diego9. San Diego Portland10. Portland
Philadelphia11. Philadelphia Nashville12. Nashville
New Orleans13. New Orleans Boulder14. Boulder
Sonoma County15. Sonoma County Denver16. Denver
Las Vegas17. Las Vegas Orange County18. Orange County
Riverside19. Riverside Hawaii20. Hawaii
Dallas21. Dallas